The United States records more cases of Covid-19 than Mexico because its international connection is older; however he adopted late prevention measures and at first his estimate of the virus transmission, something that has not happened in the country, said Miguel Bentacourt, president of the Mexican Society of Public Health. Lea Salud did not spend 3 billion pesos of its resources; Well-being and Energy overspent

Despite this, he indicated, the difference in the number of cases reported in cities in the southern United States versus those in northern Mexico is very large, which would indicate that more diagnostic tests for coronaviruses should be performed here, especially in borders, but for epidemiological purposes to detect outbreaks.

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“The country must strengthen its capacity to detect the virus on the northern and southern borders,” he explained in an interview.

The former coordinator of national SARS and H1N1 response strategies noted that the United States has more airports and direct international flights from Europe and Asia than Mexico, increasing its likelihood of receiving more imported cases.

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In addition, he said, he had failures with the first batch of the test to diagnose coronavirus, designed by its Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, for its acronym in English).

“This gave the impression to the public health authorities in the United States that the virus was not circulating as intensely as it really was. So it took time to take distance measures and when they did it was too late and the community transition was established “he indicated.

Now, the United States is seeking to cut the intense transmission chains, he explained, and it already has correct evidence.

They learned the lesson that they needed samples to know the cases and therefore they are already having much more detection. “

In contrast, he noted, Mexico is applying fewer tests, although it has a disease detection system with the same quality as that of the United States.

“Right now we are still in this transition from imported cases to community transmission, we should be sampling more. If not, then we have these discrepancies that say ‘let’s see, one of the busiest borders in the world, which is not entirely closed, that we have people who live on one side of the border and work on the other, we have cross-border families, because it is unrealistic to think that they have so many cases and we do not have them “.

We are not not detecting because our tests are bad, but rather because we are not looking to do enough tests, “he added.

The specialist stressed that there is also a similarity between Mexico and the United States: they have several people with obesity, diabetes and chronic heart or lung diseases, which could lead to registering several cases of serious disease caused by Covid-19.

“Unfortunately we are suffering from this great epidemic of chronic diseases and that would make us vulnerable to see more serious cases,” he insisted.


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