Human remains: The Criminal Investigation Division of the United States Army found “human remains” and they are already investigating whether they could belong to soldier Vanessa Guillén. While the Army searches for the girl in Texas, her family warns that they will go to Washington DC next Thursday, July 2, so that the country’s politicians listen to their demand for justice. The Third Cavalry Battalion at Fort Hood reported that it will not leave “stone unturned” until they find the missing soldier since Wednesday, April 22.

The United States Army reported that it found “human remains” that could be from the soldier Vanessa Guillén.

The Criminal Investigation Division (DIC) of the United States Army reported in a statement of Monday, June 30, 2020 that within its coordinated search it found “human remains” that could be connected to the soldier Guillén in the León River area in Bell County, right next to where the base is located.

A source within the investigation confirmed to Hispanic World in Texas, on condition of anonymity, that the remains could be from the missing soldier. It only remains to do the forensic tests to confirm your identity officially.

The United States Army assured that it will not leave “stone unturned” to find soldier Vanessa Guillén in a deployment of various troops that are already crossing that wasteland in central Texas.

Right now there is a great deployment of soldiers because the Army, from its base in Fort Hood, reported that they have ordered the members of the Third Cavalry Battalion to dedicate themselves to touring all the cerros areas inside and outside the barracks until they find more evidence of the possible whereabouts of soldier Guillén lost inside the base in Killeen, Texas, since last Wednesday, April 22, when she was on duty looking after an armory.

Now DIC agents are waiting for forensic specialists to be analyzed to determine with certainty who the remains they found belong to.

Along with DIC officers in the investigation, agents from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who have arrived in Killeen from various parts of Texas are also participating.

The effort of the soldiers of the Third Cavalry Battalion comes just on the day that the family of Private Guillén announces from Houston, Texas, where the girl of Mexican descent was born, which they will take to Washington, the capital of the United States, his demands for the girl to appear.

“Due to the lack of responses, security, respect and responsibility at Fort Hood, we will demand that an investigation be opened in the United States Congress,” reads the statement from the Guillén family, in agreement with their lawyer Natalie Khawam, a specialist in cases of Florida-based and military malpractice.

“How is it possible that a person is sexually harassed, disappears inside the base and the family has not obtained a single answer in the last two months?” Asks the Guillén family, who he warns will be at 12:00 Washington, in the political heart of the country, demanding answers on the east side of the Capitol where the country’s senators and congressmen meet.

The struggle of the family of the soldier Vanessa Guillén has also become a solidarity movement for the rights of women who enter any branch of the United States Armed Forces.

Hundreds of elite soldiers from the Criminal Investigation Unit took control in the search for soldier Vanessa Guillén around Fort Hood in Texas. (Photos: United States Army)