As a way to challenge the curfew imposed in Washington DC, residents proposed a ‘cacerolazo’

A “casserole”And the massive presence of protesters Front of White House on Tuesday they challenged the start of the third day of curfew in Washington DC, scene of riots in recent days that have forced the deployment of troops of the National Guard.

Mount Pleasant, DC, has had a pan session an hour after the curfew and is only getting stronger.

Just at 7:00 p.m. local, when the restriction began in the District of Columbia, where Washington is, the pans began to sound in some areas, in response to a call that circulated on social networks, with the intention of joining protests over the death, a week ago, of the African American George Floyd at the hands of a white cop.

“Tonight. 7pm. Get your pots, get your spoons, go to an open window or balcony, hit like hell, “read one of the messages on Twitter, whose author explained that” it is called a cacerolazo “and” it was perfected in Latin America as a way to protest against authoritarian regimes during the curfew. “

The same user, when verifying what happened, added: “It is official. The gringos are making a cacerolazo. ”

Demonstration against death of George Floyd. EFE photo

The proposal apparently arose from another person’s question about the safest way to unite their voices at night and send the message of support for the slogan that the protesters repeat in different parts of the country: “without justice there is no peace

And the proposal was well received, because in several videos uploaded on social networks the saucepans were heard.

“Proud to be part of a neighborhood that cares! (In) BrightwoodPark and Petworth neighbors make noise from our houses to protest against the curfew and police brutality, “said one user.

The situation in Lafayette is the same as I saw a few hours ago: chants, kneeling, and moments of silence. On the fence someone spells FLOYD on tape.

The police monitor from inside the park with all their equipment on.

While the majority of the inhabitants of Washington DC obeyed the order to stay at home due to the touch of remainsthousands of others decided to stay around the White House.

The park in Lafayette Square, from where protesters were dispersed with tear gas on Monday so that the American president, Donald Trump, he could cross the square on foot and take a photo in front of a church, it was packed when the clock struck 19:00 and those present seemed unwilling to withdraw in compliance with the curfew.

With information from EFE