After ten weeks of confinement, the population of Spain has taken to the streets to protest against the management of Pedro Sánchez in the face of the pandemic

The extent of state of alarm in Spain until June 7 by the COVID-19 fueled protests across the country, with calls ‘casseroles‘.

After ten weeks of lockdown, the population has taken to the streets of Madrid, Zaragoza, Seville or Malaga to protest against the management of Pedro Sánchez Front of pandemic.

Protesters are calling for the president’s resignation in protests mostly called by the opposition party, Vox, which obtained authorization from the Catalan High Court of Justice for mobilizations this weekend.

Meanwhile this Friday, in the Havana promenade people came out to demonstrate with masks and trying to keep a healthy distance. Some carried flags of Spain and from some balconies the national anthem was heard.

The Police, for their part, have dedicated themselves to preventing confrontations and requesting people not to crowd.

With information from ABC and El Mundo