The woman didn’t care that there were other people. He took off his underwear as if he were at home and put it on his face to simulate that it was a mask.

The woman arrived at a post office and was furious after an employee instructed her to wear a mask as one of the anti-coronavirus measures.

The images of the unexpected reaction of the client went viral after the video captured by surveillance cameras was leaked by local workers.

Another local employee, who according to the RT Noticias report could be fired, would have leaked the visuals.

The recording that has been circulating publicly since May 25 shows the woman standing in front of a counter in Novaya Poshta, in Kiev, Ukraine, with her face uncovered.

Then, after the employee’s request that she wear a mask, the stranger lowered her pants, took off her intimate garment and put it on her head. Immediately, he dressed again.