Vladdy Jr. wants to play against his countrymen at LIDOM | Mark Brown / .

Vladdy Guerrero Jr. stated that he wants to play with the Lions of the Chosen of the LIDOM. The desire was expressed to Héctor Gómez and Yancen Pujols on Instagram Live recently, and assured that he wants to feel the warmth of his countrymen in the stands.

The young player’s foray into the Dominican league would be a sensation, since his talent in the Major Leagues has made him one of the most followed players on the planet.

The player has in his favor that the MLB has a 60-game schedule scheduled this year, which together with the playoffs would not detract from his uniform with the Chosen One. However, the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, would be the main obstacle and argument of the Toronto offices so that this does not happen.

Escogido is a team of tradition in which they have played: David Ortíz, Alex Rodríguez, Jesús Colomé, Carlos Gómez, among other great names. So seeing the son of the Hall of Fame would be a spectacle.

Vladimir Guerrero Sr. played in the Dominican Republic with the Estrellas Orientales, in years when he was also regularly playing in the Major Leagues on a stellar basis.