This past Monday both Vox and Catalunya En Comú, Ada Colau’s party, have shown their recipes for dealing with the crisis with the possible departure of Nissan from the Zona Franca factory in Barcelona. The green party has sent the Nissan president, Makoto Uchida, a letter asking you to reconsider your decision to move production from the Barcelona factory to that of Sunderland (United Kingdom).

In the letter, signed by the group’s spokesperson, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, Vox asks Nissan to stay in Spain: “We aim to create an environment that is less hostile to industry in general, and to the automobile in particular, for manufacturers that generate employment and wealth in our country.”

The letter assures that the interaction with the authorities of Catalonia has not been good but that all this can change: “We are many Spaniards who trust in a next change in the political cycle, that will offer again the certainties that perhaps today they think lost ».

“Maintaining our commitment to our country would save thousands of jobs and a multitude of companies in the auxiliary industry”

He adds that Vox understands “that as of today the EU has not yet imposed tariffs on imports from the United Kingdom, and therefore the transfer of production from the Barcelona factory to the Sunderland factory, where in addition to understanding they receive helps, it may seem more attractive at first sight ».

In his letter Vox understands that “maintaining the commitment to our country would not only save thousands of jobs and a multitude of companies in the auxiliary industry, but also be a key factor for competitiveness and innovation on which to build Nissan’s future” , reports Efe.

Comú Podem: «Boycott»

For its part, the recipe of the President of Catalonia in Comú Podem, Jessica Albiach, has put on the table the option of boycotting Nissan products as a “tool of pressure from the citizenry” against the Japanese multinational, “which intends to simply drop more than 20,000 families.”

At a virtual press conference, Albiach has stated that he is aware that it is a “strong” and “controversial” measure, but he stressed that it is also important that Nissan wants to leave prioritizing the mere economic benefit and after having received 170 million in public aid.

“If they leave people lying, we react,” said Albiach

“The boycott measure is a tool that could work,” said Albiach, who explained that he has already discussed this option of pressure with unions and other social agents to force the Japanese multinational to negotiate.

«It is an awareness of citizenship. If they conscientiously leave people lying, we react. There is no point in continuing to buy and not responding to that cruelty, “he added.

It would be, according to the candidate for the Generalitat of the Commons, a measure that would exercise citizenship and that would complement other measures that the administration must take against Nissan and other multinationals and that must be at the state level.

“Today is Catalonia with Nissan but tomorrow it can be Cantabria with Renault,” he said.

“The attack is not only to the affected families, but to the entire industrial sector,” he said.