In the face of the health emergency caused by the coronavirus in Mexico, Fonacot unveiled the Crédito Apoyo Diez Mil program, which consists of 300,000 loans of 10,000 pesos that will be given to workers who meet certain requirements. If you are interested in applying for this credit, or another of the Cash Credits that the Institute has, here we explain how to do it.


This you need so that you can apply for this loan:

Be 18 years old and have a job
 Be at least one year old in your current job
 That the company where you work is affiliated with Fonacot
 Being a plant employee or that your contract is for an indefinite time
 Having data from two personal references

What is needed if a credit is being processed for the first time

If you are a worker who has never applied for a Fonacot credit, you must register on the portal in the Credit Application section within Online Services.

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You must enter these data:

Worker’s full name
 Place of birth
 RFC with Homoclave
 Type of social security (IMSS, ISSSTE, etc).
 Social Security number and identification number

Once registered you can make an appointment on the same portal or through the phone 800 Fonacot (366 2268).

Workers who have already processed credit with Fonacot can proceed directly to schedule an appointment. Ask about the documents you should bring.

If you currently have a credit and want another, you need to have a salary discount capacity and have been up to date with payments until March 2020. For more questions, visit the Fonacot portal.

It is not the only credit that Fonacot has

On the other hand, if you are interested in a loan with a larger amount, remember that it can be requested but it depends on the salary you earn. Processing the Fonacot cash credit is simple and you will not have to go anywhere to make your payments, as they will give you a monthly discount through your payroll.

If you choose a Fonacot credit other than the Credit Support Ten Thousand program, there will be no surprises in terms of the amounts that are discounted, since the payments are fixed and you can settle your debt in 6, 12, 18, 24 and 30 monthly installments.

One of the aspects that make Fonacot cash credit more attractive is that it has a monthly interest rate of 2.3%. Likewise, the resource is deposited in a maximum period of 72 hours in your account and the start of payments may defer up to two months.