Alejandra Espinoza

Alejandra Espinoza has shown in this quarantine, that she has us all confined to our homes, that she has been one of the famous who has been most active in this social isolation.

Through social networks, “Ale” has shown that she is a housewife, mom and driver, in addition to being a sports fan and keeping her body in shape by exercising, and yoga as she showed in an image through her Instagram account, where she achieved a spectacular position worthy of those who have practiced it with dedication and discipline, as announced by People en Español.

However, there was someone who criticized what he saw for appearing very masculine and wrote the following comment: “In this photo, his back is seen as a man’s, I don’t know, very ugly”, to which Espinoza with a lot of diplomacy and need to extend He replied: “Well, this is what there is.”

Immediately some of the faithful followers of the also model who, on the contrary, admired and recognized that all her muscles are very well outlined, resulting in a healthy and athletic body, supported her and wrote beautiful and constructive comments.

“Ignorant people, you ignore and continue. I would like to be 10 percent, like you”, “That is why this beautiful babe looks so spectacular because she wants and strives and the one who strives has results …… very well❤️🌹 “Alejandra is a lot of piece !!! I do not think that bad comments affect her, she has always been an example of mettle, discipline and dedication. The harder they pull the stronger they make it, I guarantee them ”, were some of the messages captured by their fans.

On the other hand, it is worth noting that the former Nuestra Belleza Latina has entertained many people and brought out of their boredom others in this quarantine, inviting different personalities from the world through the networks, and several days a week. showcasing and through interesting, pleasant and enjoyable interviews we learn about life and some secrets of our idols.

Exercising and staying fit in this social isolation is the best way for our minds and bodies to be busy, active and healthy and there is no doubt that the presenter is a very good example to follow.