Juan Soler and Maky Soler

Maky and Juan Soler are the parents of two beautiful daughters Mía and Azul to whom they give all their love, protection and dedication despite being separated.

Precisely in this difficult time when the coronavirus pandemic is attacking the planet strongly and almost without mercy, Maky referred to the health condition of his daughter Mia and the care that must be taken with her.

What is the health condition to which the actress refers?

Mia was born with situs inversus totalis, what does it mean? That the heart is located on the right and therefore all the organs of her body are upside down, but in the case of the girl, she does not suffer from it to a serious degree, however it could cause some respiratory problems.

So Mia’s mother has been very aware of her, taking special care to avoid at all costs that her daughter has any kind of contact with the pandemic virus and this is what she told the “Ventaneando” program.

“That is why I am a little more cautious because well, she is a super healthy girl, we have done a thousand studies of the immune system and everything but well, you always have the question. It is as if I were allergic, “said the presenter.

The older daughter of Juan Soler, 15, has a very good state of health, as her mother explained, and she leads a completely normal life like any teenager her age, as well as being beautiful.

The careful and dedicated mother made it clear that her daughter cannot be classified as a sick person and in a few words she explained it with a good example so that she fully understands what it is about.

“It is not a disease, it is a condition, it is like being right or left-handed,” said the artist.

“Although it is true that there are several levels in that condition, Mine’s is not worrying. Mine has it very, very light. Sometimes she has runny nose and so, when she was little, now she hardly has it anymore, ”said the presenter, who emphasized the condition of her offspring.

“This is a condition of the human race, what happens is that before you couldn’t see people inside, then you didn’t know. But several people have it and now they know it by ultrasound ”, concluded the artist.