After showing her baby, the first photos of Pamela Silva’s pregnancy appear

A month and a half ago, the television host Pamela Silva welcomed her first-born Ford, in a Miami hospital, after keeping her pregnancy completely confidential.

And amid the joy it has meant for the host of Primer Impacto to be able to enjoy her baby, she recently revealed a detail that many of her followers wanted to know.

The ex-executive woman César Conde, who is not the father of her son, mentioned that apart from Ford, she thought to call her son differently, and told what is the middle name that her little one has, and who chose it.

“Jude was one, (an option) for San Judas, but in the end, I didn’t like one like saying ‘this is the name.’ I wanted something short, with strength and power, ”said the animator with the Univisión segment El Break de las 7, speaking about her son’s first name.

“And the second is Liam. My mom chose it. She did not like the first one, she told me (about the first name) ‘they are going to bully him, they are going to make fun of him’ and I said: ‘my son is going to be so generous and so good, God willing, and as cute as a person, that nobody is going to bully him, and if the name is different, original, that he also learns to defend himself, so Ford Liam was left then, ”added the reporter.

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After learning of the baby’s middle name, many fans of the First Impact star were surprised and not all were satisfied, as there were those who even expected it to have a more sonorous name or a mixture with a Latin name.

The recently released mother told in passing that her sister as a child battled her name a lot, and in time she understood that she owned a special name, which she loves today.

“My sister’s name is Paloma, and when she was a child she suffered a lot, and now she loves her name. I think children grow up and adapt to the name. One day I woke up and thought about Ford and it stayed like that, ”he said.

The cheerleader also revealed that during her pregnancy she had a curious craving, which fortunately was easy to please.

“I ate tangerine in the morning, in the afternoon, at night. That was an abnormal thing, I ate a lot of fruit, but it’s a pretty healthy craving, and that helped me a lot. I have been able to lose weight, the pounds I gained from pregnancy, I have lost them quite quickly. Until now I have not been able to exercise yet, due to the cesarean section, ”said the Peruvian.

Little Ford Liam was born on Wednesday, April 22 at a Miami hospital

Among the revelations that the Peruvian has made, the presenter of Primer Impacto confessed that she wanted to live that experience with total privacy, to the point that she even hid the news of her pregnancy from her mother for several months.

A couple of months ago, the scandal that television host Pamela Silva was divorcing her husband César Conde, to whom she was married for more than 10 years, exploded like wildfire.

About the divorce suit, Pamela is known to have filed her in a Miami-Dade County family court on January 23.