Adamari Lopez

The moment so longed for Alaia arrived when finally her parents fulfilled the dream she wanted so much, to integrate another member into her family.

And it is that Adamari López and Toni Costa have always dedicated themselves to their girl with all the love, dedication, dedication and are looking for a way to see her happy and fulfill her dreams, like the beautiful dollhouse they gave her months before and that all A girl her age would like to have, and now, last but not least, her last wish was fulfilled, the pet she so insistently asked for, as reported by People en Español.

“Alaïa was crazy about a puppy and after much thought and explaining the responsibilities, Toni Costa and I decided that the time had come,” explained the Puerto Rican.

Through social networks, the presenter of the program “A new day” and the Spanish dancer prepared everything to give a beautiful and tender surprise to their little girl and placed an affectionate and sweet dog of just two months in one of the rooms of home.

The reaction and surprise of the girl when she suddenly found her furry girl did not wait, causing her mother to have such a special emotion that it brought her to tears.

“Oh, how cute, she is super cute,” said the girl when she saw her pet, who they called “Ava,” and as Toni said: “She was born in March as Alaïa.”

It should be noted that in recent days the villain of successful soap operas such as “Wild Cat” explained with all her love and patience to her daughter that before the pet arrived at the house there were some responsibilities that had to be fulfilled, but the baby already I knew.


“Do you know that having a puppy implies responsibilities in the house?” López asked the princess of the house, and without hesitation Alaia replied: “You have to feed him, go out and exercise with him, walk him, clean his ca… ”, however, the co-presenter of“ A new day ”, emphasized the conditions that are required for the girl to achieve that dream, adding:“ You have to be responsible for taking her to relieve herself outside, to collect them in case you need it. ”

There is no doubt that the “pinkie promise”, made by mother and daughter in a sealed pact, was fulfilled to the letter because Alaia is already enjoying her playful and tender pet and her parents sharing that immense happiness with her.