If you want to know if an unknown person has added you on WhatsApp without you knowing it, this trick will help you find out from your Android or iOS cell phone.

This way will help you filter out unknown contacts, who for some reason call you and add them to view their information, but have no public information.

In this way you can know who has added you without you knowing. Photo: Screenshot

This “trick” works on all cellular devices and is very simple to perform and all you need is your WhatsApp application without the need to download other external applications that can harm your device.

To perform this trick you must follow the following steps:

Open WhatsApp Open the application menu and select New Broadcast or Broadcast Lists on iOS Select New list Select your “strange” contacts Send any message After approximately 30 minutes, select the message and check its information, if the contacts strangers read it or got it that means they have your phone number added

To know his identity, you can enter his WhatsApp profile to see his photo, in case it does not have or is impossible to deduce, you can check his status and his name could be there.

So you can block a contact. Photo: Screenshot.

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If you don’t know them, block them like this:

With this simple trick you can find out if they have you added or not, also if they can be seeing your states or your personal information without your knowing it. If you are not sure if you know it or you fear that your privacy is at risk, you can block it as follows:

You select the contact You slide down You select Block contact You confirm the action and that’s it.

In this way, the blocked contact will no longer be able to see your personal information or the data you upload to your WhatsApp stories in any way. Finally, always try to have your information taken care of to avoid risks to your privacy.