If you are tired of trying to download your Instagram statuses with music to put them in your WhatsApp statuses but they are downloaded without music due to copyright, we bring you a solution that will not affect third parties. Read: How to know which applications “eat” the cell phone battery?

This solution is very easy to apply and you can use it at any time in your WhatsApp states, so now your friends can listen to the music you want in the states of the messaging application.

By setting your status with music you can customize your WhatsApp status.

The trick to upload a WhatsApp status is as follows:

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You must place the mobile on a flat surface where your camera captures an image in “black”, once you do this you go to the music application and start recording the fragment that you want to appear in your state.

After you finish recording you can customize it your way, like putting stickers, emojis or text on the video you recorded with the music.

You can also put music through an application called Audio Status Maker which will allow you to put a selection of music in your WhatsApp states as well as your images.

After installing the application and granting it the permissions it requires to use the photos you want to upload to your WhatsAppp status, select the photo you want to use and then select the audio icon and choose the music you want to use.

After this you click on the “share” button at the top right and use it in the WhatsApp application.