In the midst of the coronavirus crisis that has put the United States government in difficulty, Senator Mark Meadow will present his resignation today to begin as Donald Trump’s chief of staff on Tuesday.

Meadow, a senator from North Carolina, has accompanied the presidency team for the past few days without an official appointment and will be the fourth chief of staff to the presidency since January 2017, CNN reported.

On March 6, President Donald Trump announced the change in his cabinet. On the part of Mick Mulvaney, who held the position, will be the special envoy to Northern Ireland, reported the NCBS network.

Mulvaney was unable to sustain a good relationship with Trump. He was the chief of staff during the impeachment process, which includes discussions in the House of Representatives and among senators, one of the most tense periods during the presidency.

Meadow has proven to be a follower and advocate of Trump during the political processes he has faced, but will initiate efforts amid a new crisis, encompassing public health and the economy. So far, the United States has 148 positive cases of coronavirus and approximately 2,800 fatalities.


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