Julie is the wife of the sought-after boxer

American boxer of Mexican descent Andy Ruiz Jr. has given a lot to talk about since he became the heavyweight champion last year after knocking out Anthony Joshua.

The boxer in addition to shining inside the ring, enjoys having formed a family with his partner Julie Ruiz, who has been unconditional with him.

As the athlete himself highlights on his social networks, Andy and Julie managed to form a large family, and in addition to supporting him in his career, Julie is dedicated to the care of children.

With 10,000 followers on her Instagram account, Julie shares little of her life. That can be quickly noticed when you see that you only have 18 posts in your feed. There she has shown scenes from everyday life with her children, some photos of her in the best Kardashian style and also images with her partner.

In mid-2019, Andy Ruiz was at the center of the storm for starring in a party with women in lingerie to celebrate his 30th birthday, at his Los Angeles mansion. This party was full of eccentricities, from live rap, the presence of influencers to a woman lying on a table covered in sushi and women parading in their underwear. Despite the controversy, Julie has been faithful to the athlete.