Héctor Suárez died: Who were the women in his life?

Mexico and the Latin world mourn today the death of the famous and beloved actor Héctor Suárez Hernández.

The news was announced by his son Héctor Suárez Gomís, through their social networks.

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To friends, colleagues and all the media: With deep pain, we want to share with you the death of Héctor Suárez Hernández. The Suárez family, we ask that you please understand this moment of great sadness that we are experiencing and we also hope that you can respect our mourning. For us, the father, the grandfather, the brother, the husband, and not the public figure that deserves all the recognition of the artistic family and the media, are leaving. Give us the opportunity to process this duel and in a few days we can talk with you. Thank you! Rest in peace, Héctor Suárez. Sincerely, Your widow, Zara Calderón. Her children: Héctor Suárez Gomís, Julieta Suárez Gomís, Rodrigo Suárez Calderón and Isabella Suárez Calderón. Her grandchildren: Paula Suárez Gomís, Ximena Suárez Palacio and Pablo Suárez Quiroz.

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“The Suárez family, we ask that you please understand this moment of great sadness that we are experiencing and we also hope that you can respect our mourning.”

As El Heraldo de Mexico reports, there are no great details about the reason for his death, but according to journalist Flor Rubio, the actor’s brother revealed that he died asleep.

“Last night he said goodbye very well and today he woke up like this,” said Gustavo Suárez, Héctor’s brother.

His career was worthy of admiration during his long life. His talent amused, accompanied and inspired thousands of fans, but his personal and sentimental life also had wonderful and important moments that are worth highlighting.

This is what you should know about the actor’s romantic partners. Here are the wonderful women of Héctor Suárez:

Pepita Gomis

Quite a respected and admired lady in Mexico. She was married 36 years to Héctor Suárez and is the mother of Héctor and Julieta Suárez Gomís.

Pepita is much more than the ex-wife of the first actor or the mother of his children. She has been a teacher for much of her life.

He had a kindergarten that bore his name and also an elementary school as various media report.

She was the host of Telekinder, a teaching program aimed at younger children in the preschool stage.

He also wrote and hosted other television shows for primary and secondary.

He had a kindergarten that bore his name and an elementary school. She was a host for Telekinder, which was aimed at preschool children.
Asimimso conducted and wrote other television shows for primary and secondary. Here we see her exercising her educational work:

I am studying a Master in History at UNAM. She practiced teaching, was a journalist and worked as a film supervisor at the Cineteca Nacional.

Currently, according to her Twitter account, Pepita herself is defined in her profile as a Numerologist and mother of two wonderful children.

Her dedication to numerology was defined since she had a “paranormal” experience when she was little. In 1982 he had his first contact in numerology.

Returning to the long and exemplary relationship between Héctor and Pepita as husbands, ex-husbands, parents of their children and friends, it is known by different means that despite all the twists and turns of fate they got along wonderfully and had a close relationship.

In different reports on his story, close friends of the couple tell how when he separated, he cried for a long time. This is what his colleague Carlos Millet said: “They are Beings of light and beings of peace, that is why they have managed to get along well.”

In this interview, the same actor spoke of his first wife with love and special affection as confirmed by his friends:

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He also said: “He is a beautiful human being, he is the mother of my children, whom I thank for everything. My “cute Pepi” … I take her flowers, we eat together, we talk. “

“We’re still friends,” said the actor.
“My current wife knows this. Pepita’s opinions are very valuable to me. ”

“God bless you all,” he expressed with affection from his closest beings.

Here we see another report on this beautiful love story.

Zara Calderón

Zara Calderón is the second wife of Héctor Suárez, a woman who was always by his side and with whom he had two beautiful children.

Their initial story was controversial due to the great age difference between the two, even because they said that Zara was very close to her daughter Julieta and that was how they met.

The time and the passing of the years managed to demonstrate the gram love that united them. That love was constantly wasted on
social networks.

With Zara she had her 21-year-old son Rodrigo, and as a final surprise at 72, she was the father of little Isabella.

Far from being a strict father as the actor said it was his, Suárez was the opposite with his children: “I am a loving father. I eat them with kisses. I am tender, I love you, I am a corny father. Lightning in the kitsch, I am also a crying father. Do not touch my children for whom I would give my legs “

Héctor also expressed his love and gratitude constantly to his wife:
“From here I want to thank that wonderful woman for how she cares for me, how she cures me, how she feeds me, how she protects me, how she procures me. God bless you beautiful Zarita of my life, ”he said in an interview with the Ventaneando program.

Zara Calderón, who as we said did not separate from the actor at any time in his battle against the disease, stated in a recent celebration of the actor’s life: “Everything has been worth it,” said Zara in the image where he gives a tender kiss whom he always called the love of his life.

Here is the Suárez Calderón family celebrating the actor’s 81st birthday:

And here is a last image of the Suárez Calderon family united teaching their new pet:

Girlfriends, not rivals

As if that were not enough Zara Calderón maintains a good relationship with the first wife of actor Pepita Gomís.

Even on a couple of occasions they were seen meeting with the deceased actor at some events proving that they get along very well.

A United family

Among the children of Héctor Suárez there was also always closeness. Eight years ago it was his eldest son, Héctor Suárez Gomís, who announced on his networks that his father would be a father again, to a little girl who would be called Isabella: “I am experiencing double happiness… 1.- that I have a new sister and 2.- my dad keeps stopping at 73 #ojalaesoseherede ”.

It should be noted that lsabella’s older brother also proudly announced the birth of the little girl on his social networks.

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My sister, Pablo, my dad and I. ¿Quéééééééééé? Oh shit… Well, isn’t it normal to bring 45 years to your younger sister? No? Good, but what does happen in almost all families is that the father takes 73 years to his youngest daughter, right? Neither? Oooooohhh what the fuck! So how is the exemplary family “model”? I always thought that an exemplary family is one in which everyone loves, accepts, respects, helps each other, is honored, protects themselves, laughs, embraces, gets angry and then apologizes. In my family there have been lawsuits, distancing, but always, really always; the great love we have for each other has prevailed, and the person responsible for the fact that we all know how to love and that we know how to respect the individuality of each one; He is my dad… I know that much of our life has been a little public and I know that makes many people believe that they know EVERYTHING about our private lives and no, it will never be like that. A few years ago I decided to open a large part of my private life to social networks and in them I have introduced my children, my father, my mother, my brothers and without any “shame” I have let them know my emotions, my feelings and my somewhat “different” way of thinking. Some will agree, others will not and I love reading different ways of thinking. When someone tries to play smart I confront him until he decides to walk away or block me. One of my main characteristics is to say things as they are and that will always be the case. That is why, today I really want to say that I am fascinated by my family as it is and I deeply admire and love that 81-year-old warrior whom I have called for almost 52 years: Dad! Thanks daddy for this crazy family we have. I LOVE YOU!

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As a united family, noble gestures have continued. A few years ago, following the illness of his father, who incurred incalculable expenses in the fight for his life, Héctor Suárez Gomís renounced his father’s inheritance in favor of his other brothers and the youngest girl.

Faced with controversial and unfounded comments that he was taking advantage of his father financially, Suárez Gomís did not let them pass and commented forcefully: “I have resigned from her for years so that everything belongs to my brothers and his wife. I don’t need more. Badly played your de attempt ’to fuck runner-up!”.

As a result of his response, the young actor received comments of support and encouragement from his fans and fellow actors such as Luis Gatica, who reminded him, among other things, that he indeed already received an inheritance, but of the talent and professionalism that His father gave in more than 50 years of experience.

The greatest wish before dying

In one of the last interviews for TV y Novelas magazine, before turning 81, the first actor said that he had planned to live until his seven-year-old daughter Isabella was older. He said that with the girl he even played in the beauty salon and wanted to see her grow up.

Héctor Suárez was a man who was always grateful for life and enjoyed until the last moment: “I live happy, content, grateful with life, with God, with my family, with my children. I appreciate how lucky I am, I can’t complain about anything. God has given me full hands; I am a very fortunate being, I am full of love, work, success… everything! ”

That positivism in addition to his critical humor and his overflowing talent, is what we will miss the most. Rest in peace Héctor Suárez. Applause to heaven.